Live-in care

Live-in care Kujdes 24/7

Live-in care Full time care at home, is what most of aged persons would prefer. At Ndihma+ we try to make the service of live-in care it as affordable as possible. What you should know Terms & Conditions​ Photos during work Live-in care When seniors need continuous care, it might be easier for them to […]

Care in special cases

Kujdes në raste të vecanta

Care in special cases Even for generally healthy people, there can be circumstances when they might need to be taken care of. At Ndihma+ we simply make it easier. Care in special cases service in Tirana What you should know Price list*​ Photos during work Care in special cases This service is designed to give you […]

Senior care

Kujdes në shtëpi Senior care

Senior care At Ndihma+ we feel the desperate need for help of all adults looking for solutions to care about their elder parents, and we try our best to provide a solution. Senior care services in Tirana. What you should know Price list*​ Photos during work Senior care Elders need your love and attention, but […]