Vision & mission

As a social business, Ndihma + Vision & mission is dedicated to being a leader in the field of family services, positively impacting the quality of life of its clients, staff and society in general.

Vision & mission

We believe that all albanian women deserve the right to not identify themselves with the old fashioned image of the woman who needs to take care of the home and kids, since nobody else can,at the expense of her own mental and physical well-being. Every woman deserves to define herself her priorities, without feeling guilty and prejudiced. We exist to break these clichés, which are not only wrong but also harmful for the society, to make the life of these women easier and to prove that, indeed, it is possible to delegate elsewhere part of the usual responsibilities of the woman, and this at the benefit of the whole family. And that is our main vision & mission

Ndihma+ is dedicated to be the albanian leader of family services; even when our services are offered to businesses, they are delivered with the same level of intimacy and personalisation; we want to build long lasting individual relationships with each of our customers. All the time, we are open to considering the critics and suggestions of our customers, we do not aim to be perfect, our goal is to earn the unconditional trust of our customers, and to keep it!

On the other side of our equation, we have women and men whose work is not rightly recognized by the society, who accept to work “on the black” and do ask for nothing. Daily, we aim to break this sad and unacceptable norm of our society, each employee deserves a regular and lawful job, so that their rights are protected. These workers, like everybody else, have the right to stability thanks to their continuous work.

Ndihma+ is dedicated to being an employer who is putting the employee at its center of existence, not only by offering them a regular and decent contract, but, above all, by making them feel proud of their work and its impact on the society. In the company we have founded, everybody is welcome, no matter the age, origins, gender, language or sexual orientation. We believe diversity makes teams better and the life more beautiful!

Through our employment services, we aim at transmitting the same set of principles and values to our customers, by convincing them that everyone, even them, can contribute to the progress of our society.

Our vision is to change the harmful mentalities, which are rooted deeply in our societies until we completely change them, and do this repeatedly, all the time!