End to end recruitment

Ndihma+ can be trusted with the end to End recruitment, searching and hiring of the maid or carer, you just need to choose and sign!

End to end recruitment

Every time you need to hire a nanny, a maid or a caregiver, for your family, or your business, the search for the right person turns into a real stress.

Finding the right person for your needs and conditions, the soonest possible, is a complex challenge.

Ndihma+, in addition to offering these services directly, could also assist you in your search for the right person, through a service named ‘intermediation for hiring’.

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Service description
Who needs this service?

  • Families who need to hire a nanny to take care of their kids
  • Families who need to hire maids to take care of their house daily
  • Seniors or individuals with limited capabilities, for a relatively long time
  • Albanian families living abroad who would like to hire one of these profiles from Albania
  • Businesses that prefer to outsource hiring of their cleaning staff to an agency

How do we help you?

  • We gather all needed information about your need and your offer
  • We could recommend you to review the salary, working time or other conditions to increase chances of finding the right person
  • We publish the job post on your behalf in our social networks, who are highly followed by people that want to be hired in this sector. The job is also posted in our website (https://ndihmaplus.com/mundesi-punesimi/) , and other web pages
  • We search in our database for suitable profiles, with profiles being gathered from 2015.
  • We try to do some basic background check on the profiles, for ex by getting references and meeting them in person
  • Usually, we present you at least 2 candidates for your job post, inside or outside the country
  • We accompany you until you sign the agreement with the selected candidate

Why hire with us?

  • We operate in the sector from 2015 and could pridely state that we’re a point of reference for persons wishing to work in these profiles
  • We continuously invest in our social networks to continue attracting the best candidates
  • With our offices in the center of Tirana, we offer a physical presence for the candidates and the clients
  • With our skills and know-how in the sector, we could easily tell if the candidates are suitable for the post; we could even test them if needed.
  • For businesses, the hiring process of the cleaning staff could be challenging as it is different from a typical one
  • By having us searching for you, you gain time or you could quickly have options if your need is urgent

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