Cleaning Services

We will take care of every detail and request, our Cleaning Services will allow you to save time to enjoy the beautiful moments of life. Our exprertise goes in cleaning homes and commercial spaces. You will have a suitable and high-quality Cleaning Service.

Enjoy a clean and organized home, leaving the need for Cleaning Services in the hands of experts.

Cleaning Services for families

Hours of services
Monday - Saturday

08:00 - 18:00

Cleaning Services for businesess

Terms & Conditions

Guarantee of Service Quality

  • Ndihma+ guarantees the professionalism of its staff while working on customer’s site (home or business). Ndihma+ employees are obliged to abide to this policy.
  • At least two Ndihma+ employees will show at your site. Teamwork is at the base of our model, as it increases productivity without increasing customers’ costs.
  • If the customer is interested, Ndihma+ could provide the professional cleaning detergents employees are trained to use, towards an additional reasonable cost. If this is the case, the customers should notify us in advance.
  • We will ask you to complete a survey at the end of our service so that you have the opportunity to share your comments about our work. You might also be called by the agency to be asked about the quality of our service.
  • In any case, do not hesitate to directly contact us by phone at +355 (0)69 33 81 880, by e-mail: info@localhost or facebook: Ndihma Plus.
  • Please mind to have any important communication about service quality with Ndihma+, and not directly with the employees at your site.

Service scheduling

  • We’ll come at your site at the agreed time and date.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the cleaning up to 24hrs before. Ndihma+ reserves the same right.
  • In case of a later cancellation, Ndihma+ and the customer should compensate each other at a certain amount (detailed in the contract with the customer). Rescheduling to another day is also considered as cancellation.
  • Natural disasters (forces majeures) make the exception of this rule.

Service start and end time

Our service starts the moment our staff enters your site (home or business) and ends the moment they leave it.


Additional requests

Please let us know in advance in case you have additional, unplanned needs, for ex. new spaces to clean, so that we can properly plan the amount of hours needed for a qualitative service in this case. For subscribed customers, the tariff will be reviewed based on the extra amount of work.

Specific prices

Ndihma+ reserves the rights to apply different prices before or during certain periods. If this happens, customers will be notified in advance.


  • If service fees are calculated based on hours worked, the payment must be done immediately after the service is completed, or at maximum, the following day, at the agency.
  • If the amount to be paid is known in advance, the customer can pre-pay it at the agency or can pay it, at maximum, one day after the service is delievered.
  • Ndihma+ will communicate to recurring customers, each end of the month, the amount due to the agency, based on the worked hours for that month. The customer should make a cash payment or bank transfer before the 5th of each month.
  • For each day of delay, Ndihma+ applies a penalty fee of 0.1% of the due amount.


  • We recommend our customers to follow closely and be present during Ndihma+ services, at least for the few first times. Subsequently, the customer can leave Ndihma+ unsupervised at their site, with all risks and responsibilities taken over by the customer.
  • If Ndihma+ staff is left unsupervised at customer’s site, they don’t have the right to answer a ringing door or phone without the prior permission of the customer (other than in very exceptional cases).

Preparation of your home

  • It would be appreciated if the floor is clean from clothes or other objects. That would facilitate cleaning of the floor.
  • Please make sure that your money or precious jewles are not exposed and saved in safe places.
  • In case of very hot or cold weather, it would be good if you left air conditioning on at an acceptable temperature.
  • If you would not want a room to be cleaned, kindly put a note on it or lock it.

What is not included in our cleaning services?

  • In our standard cleaning, we do not inlude following items. They can be included upon negotiation with Ndihma+ and additional payment:

    • Shoes, drawers and clothes
    • Animals’ droppings
    • Gardens
    • Pools
    • In case of areas impacted by bugs at your side, we’ll clean them superficially and will not dissipate bugs.

    Our cleaning staff is not responsible for:

    • Cooking or feeding kids
    • Caring about animals
    • Take care of plants
    • Painting or fixes of your electric/electronic appliances
    • Moving of heavy appliances

    These services can as well be offered by our agency, upon negotiation and additional fees.

Incidents and indemnities

  • Although Ndihma+ staff is quite careful while working at customer’s premises, possible incidents are unavaoidable. Our staff is advised to immediatenly notify the agency and the customer about the incident.
  • The customer is obliged to notify Ndihma+ about any damage observed in the site immediately after the service of cleaning
  • Ndihma+ is not responsible for incidents related to old or deteroriated objects or for defective installations at customer’s site. The customer has the obligation to notify Ndihma+ in advance if there are such cases in the site, so that the staff can exclude this objects/installations from their cleaning plan.
  • In any case, the agency cannot be held responsible for a damage overpassing 50% of the daily service fee.

Non-solicitaion clause

  • All staff of Ndihma+ have signed non-soliciation agreements with the agency, which prohibits them from directly or indirectly working for our customers.
  • Customers are also prohibited to directly or indirectly hire our staff. If this happens, the agency has the right to legally sue the customer breaching this agreement.
  • NdihmaPlus aspires to serve only customers who understand and appreciate the vision and mission of our agency, at the core of which stands a professional service, carried out by employees hired by the agency, in full compliance with the local Labour Code.


Tips are not demanded or expected, but our staff would appreciate reasonable tips. This is a way for the customers to personally show the gratitude for the quality of the service.

Loyalty program

Each time you recommend a new customer, who hires Ndihma+ for its services, you have the right to ask for a 20% of discount the following time you will get this kind of service from our agency.