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Ndihma Plus is the first Albanian Cleaning company to arrive near your living space with the aim of making your life easier with cleaning servicies  and taking care of your loved ones just like you. Choose our Cleaning company and we will make sure to make your life easier !

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Ndihma Plus (N+) is the first Albanian cleaning company reaching your families with the intention of making your lives easier, by taking care of your beloved ones, with same attention as you would. Those who reach home from work, to start ‘working’ again, probably understand us better.

We can take care of your home the professional way, considering your specific demands or requirements. In this manner, you can earn time for more precious things in life.

You can trust us your kids or your other family members, who need special care and attention, while you continue carrying your usual obligations.

Contact us for any questions or ambiguities

Why choose Ndihma+ as a cleaning company?
  • Trusted and trained staff, carefully selected by the agency by following its recruitment process
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning, with a group of professionals working together to clean your home/business in the optimal time.
  • Flexibility in service scheduling, which can be ad-hoc or recurring, as agreed in advance
  • References of customers you can check yourself
Why choose Ndihma+ for its homecare services?
  • We collaborate with experienced babysitters who take the care and education of your children very seriously
  • Ndihma+ trains the staff before introducing it to the customers
  • Flexibility in service scheduling and a variety of service contracts
Happy clients
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Stuart Brown (SB Vision Music)
Stuart Brown (SB Vision Music)
Difficult to fault the service. I've been exploring all the surfaces and hidden corners that had been collecting dust - all spotlessly clean. As for Keti, thoroughly professional and personal service. I have no price comparison, but the charge seemed appropriate to the amount of work that I know was involved.
Erion Sevaj
Erion Sevaj
Very high quality of cleaning services compared to similiar agencies in the market. Quite satisified of the customer service
erinda stafa
erinda stafa
Super sherbim korrektesi cmimet te mira dhe shume ne dispozicion te klientit.
Melisa Ulqinaku
Melisa Ulqinaku
Sherbim shume cilesor. Do vleresoja korrektesine ne orar, organizimin dhe mbi te gjitha qe zonjave qe punojne aty u ofrohen mjete pune dhe ilace pastrimi profesionale nga kompania. Ne perfundim do e vleresoja me maksimumin e pikeve sherbimin e marre dhe cilesine e tij, pa harruar sigurine qe te jep fakti qe eshte dhe kompania qe te ofron besim me te madh sesa thjesht indivi qe punon aty dhe pergjegjesia eshte dyfish. ( shume e rendesishme per mua si klient apo marres sherbimi ) ✅✅✅ Bravo per punen.
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