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Working as a nanny, maid or caregiver, should be equally understood and valued by the society, as any other profession, why not even more.

Ndihma+’s role in the Albanian market is to encourage respect towards these jobs and to raise awareness among all concerned parties for such services.

We believe that:

  • Well-performing as a maid is not the same as cleaning well your house; it requires more efforts and know-how on how to clean different environments, use equipment’s and detergents
  • Working as a nanny, while one of the jobs with the highest responsibility, requires good emotional state, love and passion towards kids and know-how on the latest techniques on children raising
  • Working as a caregiver for seniors or sick people, requires a strong character, compassion towards people in pain, patience and efforts.

If you are looking for a job in one of these profiles, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How we can help you?
  • Review of your profile and preparation of your CV to share it with interested customers, who want to hire in one of these profiles
  • Training on communication skills, presentation skills and professional training on cleaning and babysitting.
  • We can present your CV and profile to interested customers, in Albania or out of country.
  • We organize meetings face-to-face or by internet with the interested customers; we accompany you until you sign with the customer
  • We continuously hire for our own needs, you could be one of our selected ones.

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Who can contact us?
  • Ladies who have previous job experiences in such profiles
  • Ladies who don’t have previous job experiences in such profiles, but are interested in entering this kind of market
  • Ladies who whish to have flexible job schedule, to balance family obligations with professional ones
  • Ladies in Albania and out of it, who want to be hired for Albanian customers abroad
  • Young men, who want to be hired in the profile of professional cleaners, the demand is very high.
  • Students, who want to work part-time or weekends.

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