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Make the moving out less stressful , and move in cleaning in more joyful by taking our cleaning services

Cleaning your new house

You are getting ready to move to a new home. If the building is brand new, you should think of the move in cleaning process. You would need to procure specific detergents, put on the gloves and start scooping out every possible remaining of construction materials.

And in case the new appartement was occupied before, you will for sure think of painting it before moving in, and then cleaning it.

It’s fair to also plan some cleaning for the apartment you are moving out from.

If you add up packing, unpacking and finding the right place of your objects in your new home, the whole process becomes overwhelming. For sure you need some days off your work to take care of it, and some additional off-days to rest after such an intense experience…. Make it much more easier by getting some help from Ndihma+!

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Ofertë Pastrim Divani
Ofertë Pastrim Divani

Ofertë Pastrim Divani – Laj dhe dizifekto një divan/kënd dhe përfito falas larjen e 4 karrigeve Kemi menduar, Ofertë Pastrim...

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