Outdoors and swimming pool cleaning

When the last thing you have to worry about is tidiness, we are there for you! Choose our outdoors and swimming pool cleaning service now !!

Outdoors and swimming pool cleaning

The outdoors, pools, paths, driveway or patios, are very important when you want to give a good first impression of your property, its best to leave this to a professional cleaning company, such as Ndihma+. 

We have the latest set of tools and equipment for effective cleaning and preventing damage to your properties.

Our professional cleaners are fully equipped in terms of training, skills, and knowledge on high-pressure cleaning and other types of services as well.

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The price can vary depending on the type of cleaning area, its surface, necessary equipment and location of the property. 

We should visit your property and understand your requirements in order to give you a real appraisal of the cleaning costs.

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Ofertë Pastrim Divani
Ofertë Pastrim Divani

Ofertë Pastrim Divani – Laj dhe dizifekto një divan/kënd dhe përfito falas larjen e 4 karrigeve Kemi menduar, Ofertë Pastrim...

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